[sociate] My life's story? Ask Gordon Cook

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Gordon Cook has long been a thoughtful, connected and prolific writer on the
telecom scene. His  <http://www.cookreport.com/> Cook Report on the Internet
(not to be confused with the  <http://www.cookpolitical.com/> Cook Political
Report) chronicles the inside games of telecom as well as its offers,
politics and market forces.

A few weeks back, Gordon took the time to interview me at length, then write
up the results for his newsletter. With the luxury of some time to talk and
an interviewer who didn't have an agenda but was instead interested in
hearing what was going on in my head (beside
<http://www.jonathancoulton.com/lyrics/skullcrusher-mountain-demo> the
voices that control me), the resulting interview nicely reflects how I got
where I am and what I care about. Thanks, Gordon.

Now he's put that interview on his new  <http://gordoncook.net/> consulting
site. (My story's in the sidebar, with a link to the full text below the
intro.) Or you can follow this  <http://gordoncook.net/index_page2.html>
direct link. 

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