[sociate] My Brain in the Journal and a Brain(storming) chat with Andrius

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 02:37:16 -0400

 Jeremy Wagstaff wrote a thoughtful column about my use of TheBrain,
published here in the online Wall Street Journal (requires sub.).

        When you chat with someone who says, "My brain right this minute is
105 megabytes and there are 52,365 thoughts in there," you can (a) run a
mile, or (b) figure you're talking to someone who might have something
useful to say and stick around. Luckily I chose the latter.

      Glad he didn't decide just to run a mile.

      My Brain's been off the Net for several months again, but Harlan
informs me it might be back up in a couple of weeks. I'm not a great
blogger, but I putter around in my Brain all the time, and I love it when I
can share the results.

      Separately, on Monday, March 29, I had a great online chat about
TheBrain with Andrius Kulikauskas, founder of the Minciu Sodas (Orchard of
Thoughts) Laboratory in Lithuania. We talked, among other things, about
features we wish TheBrain had and possible open-source paths for TheBrain to
follow. The chat transcript is here.

      Then last Friday we met again online, this time on a nifty open IRC
server with more people, to discuss similar issues. I'll post that chat's
URL when I find it.

      posted by Jerry Michalski at 8:54 AM

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