[sociate] M. Scott Peck's community-building process

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Mark Hurst, who worked with the Foundation for Community Encouragement
during fun and less-than-fun times, e-mailed a description of the FCE's
community-building process. I've put it on my wiki, under the general
category of GroupProcessTechniques.

In the summer of 1991, I attended a Peck community-building workshop at the
Omega Institute, which influenced me quite a bit. I like Peck's general
notion that many of the "communities" we live in are actually
pseudo-communities, and that these often have to undergo a trial by fire
(his "chaos" stage) in order to achieve something more like true community.
A profound experience I had during the workshop helped me realize that the
blustery guy I had dismissed early on was really amazingly like me -- that
we were connected in some mysterious way.

Inspired by the Peck workshop as well as some time spent on The Source,
CompuServe, various MUDs, Echo and The WELL (remember them?), I wrote about
virtual communities in the June and July, 1996 issues of Release 1.0.

You can read about Peck's ideas in his bestseller, The Different Drum:
Community Making and Peace.

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