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  • Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:23:45 -0400

d=all&position=> article in today's NY Times Circuits section about people
who are setting up projectors and speakers outdoors for free (article link
requires sub, and will be swept ruthlessly into a pay-again archive, even if
you are a paying subscriber; so much for that commons). This quote captures
the spirit: 

Mr. Modes aspires to more than a good time on a Friday night: he wants to
change the way people use public space, and return the commons to an
idealized past untainted by money.

"Part of why we're doing this is to reclaim public space and give people a
way to use the nighttime that's not mediated by commerce," he said. "In our
town, the parks close at sundown, you have to buy something at coffee shops.
We wanted to give people a way to interact with each other outdoors without
having to spend any money."

After hearing James Howard Kunstler at last year's PopTech
5365> eviscerate urban planning in this country, these guerrilla drive-ins
are a tiny bit of balm. 

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