[sociate] Four (friends') terrific conferences

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  • Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 10:40:14 -0400

Looks like interesting-conference season is under way.

The first one is under way right now: David Isenberg's
<http://www.pulver.com/f2c/> Freedom to Connect, in Silver Spring, Maryland.
I met David years ago when he invited me to speak at AT&T Research, where he
worked when he wrote the milestone essay,  <http://www.isen.com/stupid.html>
The Rise of the Stupid Network.

You can listen to the full conference live, today and tomorrow, by following
the links on the conference's home page. There's also a nice real-time chat,
which we're watching on a big screen at the front of the room as each
speaker talks. Here's the conference
<http://www.pulver.com/f2c/schedule.html> schedule.

The next is Shannon Clark's  <http://www.meshforum.org/> MeshForum, May 7-8
in San Francisco. This is his second-annual collection of interesting people
and ideas around networks of all types, including social networks,
communication networks, political networks and network visualization. Here's
.html> schedule.

Then comes Andrew Rasiej's
<http://www.personaldemocracy.com/conference/2006> Personal Democracy Forum,
May 15 in New York City. It seems that every passing year PDF reflects a
revamped environment. The tools and infrastructure haven't changed much --
blogs and the Net are roughly what they were three years ago -- but the
general awareness and power dynamics seem to change quickly.

Finally, Cecily Sommers' engaging  <http://pushthefuture.org/> PUSH
conference will take place in Minneapolis (at the Walker Art Center, as
usual), June 11-13. Every year, I meet fabulous people and hear talks I
don't hear elsewhere at Cecily's do. Plus, Cecily shows up in a dress made
entirely of newspapers and she invites choruses and street performers in.
Very cool. The schedule is  <http://pushthefuture.org/Schedule.asp> here.

So jump in! Many fun people to meet, conversations to have. Schtuff to

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