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Andrew Rasiej breakfasted with Tom Friedman last week, a fact I noted
wistfully (man, that'd be fun!), then forgot.

Well, when you wake up this morning, take a gander at
<http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/03/opinion/03friedman.html> Friedman's
column, which tags Andrew as one of "a new generation of politicians" who
gets it that "the world is moving to an Internet-based platform for
commerce, education, innovation and entertainment. Wealth and productivity
will go to those countries or companies that get more of their innovators,
educators, students, workers and suppliers connected to this platform via
computers, phones and P.D.A.s."

Not only that, but Friedman nicely captures an important piece of what's
going on here:

Message: In U.S. politics, the party that most quickly absorbs the latest
technology often dominates. F.D.R. dominated radio and the fireside chat;
J.F.K., televised debates; Republicans, direct mail and then talk radio, and
now Karl Rove's networked voter databases.

The technological model coming next - which Howard Dean accidentally
uncovered but never fully developed - will revolve around the power of
networks and blogging. The public official or candidate will no longer just
be the one who talks to the many or tries to listen to the many. Rather, he
or she will be a hub of connectivity for the many to work with the many -
creating networks of public advocates to identify and solve problems and get
behind politicians who get it.

It's about getting out of the way and helping people's energy converge, more
than it's about being at the center and solving all the problems.

As background: I
0078> mentioned a little while ago that Andrew's campaigning for Public
Advocate of New York City. Go, Andrew!

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