[sociate] A flood of excellent articles against war in Iraq

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:45:45 -0500

Finally, people who would like to make peace and avoid war are finding their
voices. The last fews days have seen a virtual deluge of pointed, eloquent,
well-reasoned, (usually) temperate essays that reflect the feeling of people
around the world who believe there is a better way to make the world safe
than to attack Iraq now. They include:
  a.. James Mann's analysis of Bush's policy errors in The Washington Post
  b.. George Soros' editorial in the Korea Herald, The bubble of American
  c.. Middle East scholar Edward Said's Who's in charge?
  d.. Business Week's Bruce Nussbaum, The High Price of Bad Diplomacy
  e.. Paul Krugman's NY Times column on how the Bush Administration has lost
touch with reality
  f.. "Let them hate, as long as they fear" in this letter by John Brady
Kiesling, a long-time diplomat who resigned in protest of the
Administration's policy
  g.. A Krugman column, amplifying Kiesling's note
  h.. Molly Ivins' Who's next on the insult list?
  i.. Two deliciously ironic pieces highlighting the inconsistencies,
contradictions and hypocrisies of the Bush Administratíon's current policy
    a.. Novelist Paulo Coelho's Thank you, President Bush
    b.. and Russell Baker's open letter to President Bush
  j.. Perhaps most inspirational, notes taken by Lynne Twist during a Robert
Muller speech recently in San Francisco (Word document)
  k.. And most moving, another open letter to President Bush, this time from
Hal and Sidra Stone, a couple who are experienced psychologists
Thought it would be useful to collect pointers to them in one place. Thank
you, everyone who forwarded them to me. Some links require subscriptions.

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