[sociate] A Republican curve ball?

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The  <http://www.cafepress.com/def_republicane> Elephant People put on a
brave face and did some very effective, black-and-white, you're with us or
you're agin' us trash-talking in the Big Apple last week, but the bounce
they got is leveling off and it's anyone's race now.

Per my last post, they're getting desperate, and desperate times call for
desperate measures. I don't subscribe to the theory that Bush will call off
the elections as a matter of national emergency. Our country is stronger
than that (he says, wishfully). I do believe that the Republicans have an
ace up their sleeve and must play it. This is not a novel theory, but I'd
like to state what I think will happen.

Three or four weeks before the election, after the debates are over,
Cheney's doctor will report that his onboard
sid=185> pacemaker/data collector has been showing some anomalies and that
he should, for the good of the country, withdraw from the ticket.

Who're they gonna call? Powell.

Why this makes sense:

*       McCain and Giuliani get thrown around as potential Veeps, but McCain
brings only military credibility. Other than that, he's a wild card for the
Conservatives, even though he's proven to be a good soldier, always toeing
the line when he has to. He definitely has his eye on 2008. Giuliani is too
much 9/11 and too regional a candidate. If harping on Vietnam during their
convention turned sour for the Democrats, harping on 9/11 has done the same
for the Republicans, and Giuliani would be an overdose. 

*       Cheney doesn't need the Veep title. He already has more power than
anyone in DC. He can be given a nondescript new title and go behind the
scenes to run things from undisclosed locations. He knows everyone and where
every skeleton is hidden. He'll be happy to be out of the spotlight, unless
he gets called in front of the Supreme Court for some niggling
<http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4830129/> secrecy thing or other.

*       The Republicans need a likely incumbent in the Veep seat, just as
Bush (41) sat next to Reagan. Cheney's definitely not a Prez candidate for

*       But Powell's a wild card like McCain, isn't he? Wasn't he balking at
Rumsfeld's actions during the runup to the Iraq War? Indeed he was, but he
drank the Kool-Aid before going to the United Nations to plead our
(pathetically unsubstantiated, in retrospect) case for being given carte
blanche to start a war at his boss's whim. He's on board now, though
Conservatives are probably worried about what he might do if he is elected
President in 2008. But they're probably willing to roll the dice, because...

Powell smashes one of the traditional Democratic strongholds: African
Americans. Say you're a black US citizen. Wouldn't you be torn, regardless
what your political inclinations are?

Of course, Powell also brings wonderful military chops, to offset Kerry and
compensate for that ill-timed
carrier swagger.

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