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I decided to switch to a discussion list format rather than the forums.


Here are the first two posts from the forums, introductions from myself
and Brian K. Miller




Hi everyone!

I\'m very excited to post the first message to the forums!

I\'m a former Californian who relocated to New Zealand about a year ago.
I\'m also a former dot.commer...

But now I\'m a doctoral student at the University of Waikato's Screen
and Media Studies department looking at social learning in multiplayer
games. My master's degree is in Education and my undergrad in
socio-cultural anthropology, so I enjoy bringing various perspectives to

I also work part-time for a training and knowledge management
consultancy and solutions developer called Synapsys
<http://www.synapsys.co.nz> . There I have the opportunity to work in
various settings that call for innovative approaches to learning,
including games, simulations, collaboration systems, etc.

Nice to meet you all!





Hello All,

I am a 43 year-old American living in Tokyo with my Japanese wife and
our two teenage sons. I play Lineage II and Magic the Gathering, and I
also read both Sci-Fi and Fantasy. As far as work goes, my wife has a
career consulting/outplacement service and I work for her. She does the
hardwork and I run the language training program, or pretend to anyway. 

My education is varied and eclectic. I have an AOS in Automotive
Technology, a BA in Comparative Culture, and enough other certifications
to paper the walls in a small apartment. I\'ve even played around with
game design and game programming, published a multimedia novel on CD-ROM
(which failed miserably), and published a couple of poems here and
there, but nowhere important.

At the moment my most important endeavour is my blog
<http://bkmiller428.blogspot.com> , which kinda shows the current lack
of real content my life has fallen into. Can I call myself an artist and
claim chronic detachment? 

I don\'t know how often I\'ll drop in, but at least once a week or so
I\'ll come by and see who else is hanging around. I hope there will soon
be many of us here posting pure silliness, with endless flame wars
broken up by philosophical musings, artistic inspirations, political
critiques, and all the other signs of a healthy cybercommunity!

Brian K. Miller

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