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Hi Kim,

I use my infused oils for soapmaking and herbal balms.  Our home is never 
without comfrey and calendula salve and arnica muscle balm - they are 
essentials for the first aid box.  I make my own salves and balms.

I've never infused oils for cooking - wanted to - but never got round to it!

I did my herbal course (not completed) with the Waikato Centre for Herbal 

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  Hey Liz, 


  here is a really basic question for some I guess! 


  What do you use infused oils for? I make them to cook with, but not packed 
like you make them? Do you add the oil as a 'flavouring' to the products you 


  Also, where did you do a herbal course?




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  Hey Rebecca,


  I know this because I did a herbal course a few years back and I also have 
herbal infusions on the go all the time.


  My infusions always have seepage and oil over run, no matter how tight you 
close the lid. 


  But - I'm not sure why!  Maybe it is because the dried herb expands as it 
soaks in the oil and creates a larger mass of herbal material and therefore 
causes excess oil?


  I've sent off an email to a herbal friend - I will report back.





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    You've lost me Liz. Why would oil leak out of the jar?
    Cheers Rebecca

    On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Rouse Pauline A 
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    I would like to do a Organic infused Chamomile oil.    

    Do I put the dried chamomile into a jar with Sunflower oil and leave for 2 
weeks.  How much oil would I need?




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