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I am an avid fan of the domestic green goddess.  All her recipes are great and 
I use several of her products.  The good thing is that if you buy any of her 
products she has a recipe on the back of that container as to how you can make 
your next batch.  Her goods are reasonable priced also and you can buy on line. 
 Just go to the following:

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Hi Cindy

Are the cleaners from the domestic goddess book any good?  I have been 
interested in making some of the recipes from the book (I got an excerpt from a 
women's magazine) but haven't tried making any as I'm too busy making soap 
(Love, love love).

I highly, highly recommend you try making cold process soap - I understand that 
Gina (on this list) will be holding a soap making workshop soon, so you should 
talk to her (or email).  I did a course with Gina and it gave me the confidence 
to start as I was extremely nervous about lye.


on 16/7/10 12:47 PM, cindy Powell at nz_cindy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Pauline, My name is cindy and im into the same things you are also.. I got 
alot of the recipes from domestic goddess book, and the Good Morning show.. Do 
you know of any other good places to get more of them ??? Im wanting to make my 
own soap and so far have only used the bars that are ready to melt down.. I 
have some issues using the lyes and wonder, if its such a complicated issue 
with the safety precautions and worth doing ?? cheers cindy

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Subject: [soapcraft] Re: INTRODUCTION

At the moment with my natural cleaning products I am using laundry detergent, 
antiseptic spray, spray and wipe, bathroom and toilet cleaner (like Jiff), 
toilet spray, dishwashing powder, rinse aid and lemon dusters.  Very rewarding


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Hi Pauline

Nice to hear from you.  Glad to know that reheating worked for you.  I'm 
addicted to making soap via Cold process and I'm also into making lotions.  I'd 
also like to get into natural cleaning products as well.


on 16/7/10 9:58 AM, Rouse Pauline A at Pauline.Rouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

My name is Pauline and I am just starting out soap and lotion making plus 
natural cleaning products so I have lots of questions.  I have had a few probs 
with the lotions but my last batch has been sorted and it is smooth and thick.  
Soap making is a challenge and I hope to get more into it but lotion making and 
natural cleaning products are my first preference.
Pauline Rouse

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