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www.soapcraft.co.nz sells oil soluble dyes especially formulated for soap
making.  A little goes a long long way.

Google www.lizziebee who's on this list and sells natural soap making
dyes.......she is away for a few days currently.

Canola going rancid is more an issue in other country's with different
weather temperaments.  In Auckland I  have never had a soap go rancid but
possibly in the South Island it could be a little different.

Some people store their soap in a cupboard with a light bulb which keeps the
cupboard warm and dry.  Others a forced to use a dehumidifier in the room
with the soap.  

I will try to answer some of the other questions a little later.

You are correct about adding at trace ........that oil does not have to be
calculated into the equation.

Happy Soap Making

Wish me luck

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