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  • Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 19:40:58 +1200

Hey Ross,

I love the sound of the Mnemosyne - how do you pronounce that?  But what does 
Moonflower smell like? I've a feeling I've asked this before!

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  Three new blends made yesterday:



  Almond, cinnamon, butterscotch and spiced musk


  I love the scent of this as it dries down on the skin.  I am not a fan of 
almond but this is good.




  Lavender, lime, cinnamon, tomato leaf, moonflower and jasmine


  Unusual.  I really like it



  Unnamed (so far)

  Bamboo, lemon, daisies, linen and sugared musk


  Awesome.  Bright lemon to start with then the other elements come out ending 
with slightly lemony woody bamboo.



  I retried Satyr on my skin tonight and was wondering why it smelled of vomit 
and then realised I had accidentally put a drop of jasmine in it.  What a 
difference a drop makes!




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