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  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 11:10:23 +1000

From the internet...Kremelta Vegetable Shortening. ... Kremelta. Premium
coconut shortening;  



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I thought it was tallow. Have to check in the store I guess. Does it say
animal fat?
Cheers Rebecca

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 3:25 PM, Gina Roberts <soapcraft@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Someone please correct me if i am wrong but kremelta is palm oil?  Rebecca
might also be able to confirm this.


Gina Roberts
Soapcraft Aromatics and More LTD




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Cool thanks heaps, I will give it a go.

I use Kremelta in my soap batch - what would you say would be the same oil
in the soap calculator, because when I looked kremelta wasn't there.  I
could change from kremelta and use the similar product. I am also using
coconut oil which kremelta is made from.



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I did a screen cap to help explain this, so take a look here:

In the first box (look for orange 1) you go across and enter the details for
the soap you are going to make;  which Lye you are using, the total oil
weight you are using, lye concentration, how much superfat and fragrance you
wish to add ..

In the second box you choose the oils you are wanting to use, double
clicking these will make them show in in a list where I put the orange 3 ..

Then in the box with a 4 you can go down and enter how much of each you
want, by weight or % .. This will bring up the 'supposed' characteristics of
the resulting soap where I put the 5 ..  And I say supposed as there are a
some known inaccuracies on soap calc and it doesn't take things like
superfat etc into account etc ..

Then you click the calculate recipe button down the bottom, and then view
recipe .. This will then bring up a second window with your recipe ready for
printing and the total of Lye, Water, fragrance weights all listed for you

I hope this helps ..  But personally I'd advise against making a 100gm batch
unless you have a super duper accurate scale - 500gm minimum would be my
recommendation ;)

~ Clear

On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 7:08 AM, Jan Abernethy <janabernethy@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Thanks. That's great.

I've looked at the soap calculator, it confuses me totally.  It would be
great if there were some simple step by step instructions.  I've looked at
help but that's pretty full on too.  Would anyone be willing to put up some
step by step instructions?



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Palm 30 gms
Coconut 30 grams
Olive oil 40 grams
Water 37 grams or mils
Lye 14 grams

For making one bar.

I just used the soap calculator on soapcraft.
Once you get the hang of it its very easy.




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