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There are two products for the thermal stuff, a grease and a tape.
HLComputer on Highay 78 just inside Gwinett county has single use tubes
for $0.25. There is also a thermal tape. 

Internal modems stink!  When they crap out a system reboot is the only
option to force a reset if the AT&F command fails.

You might have some luck compiling everything serial as a module.
(might. This worked with some flakey NICS a few years back). By
unloading the modules and loading them, it would force a hardware reset.

I guess for a windows user having to reboot the box to reset the modem
doesn't seem like such a bad thing. They are used to it. But for a Linux
user, that's another story!

A more difficult option would be to cut the trace on the power supply
pin on the modem card and solder on a pair of wire that go to an added
switch on the frame side of the card. Then you could power-cycle the 
card manually.

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 14:32, phrostie wrote:
> 1. awhile back someone mentioned an adheasive or something that you put 
> between the cpu and the heat sink that increases the heat transfer.
> what was it and where do you get it?
> 2. my modem has been giving me trouble lately.
> it will give me one good use per boot.  i've tried removing it and 
> reinstalling it.  moving it to different to slots. . . .
> is there a way to get linux to redetect my modem with out rebooting.
> it is an ISA 33.6
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