[snafuu] Re: More Debian

  • From: Garrett LeSage <garrett@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: snafuu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 18:07:57 -0400

phrostie wrote:

>ok, i'm starting to get a clue.  starting to get the hang of apt-get.  :-)
>i'm still having a couple problems i need to fix, but i can't find where
>debian puts them.
>in RH/MDK the window manager is called in your {$HOME}/.xinitrc.
>debian does not seem to be even looking at this file.
>how do i change my window manager to Afterstep?
~/.xinitrc works. (:

Just do "echo afterstep > ~/.xinitrc", and you should be in business

You can always use GDM, KDM, XDM, Login.APP, etc. instead too.

>DNS/Nameserver lookup?
>currently i can start a ppp conection and ping dotted hex addresses but not
>full names.  where are the name servers called out in debian?
>in MDK it is called out in my /etc/ppp/resolve.conf
>debian does not have this file.  i ttried to copy it from my mdk, but this
>does not work either.
Add your nameserver information to /etc/resolv.conf, the standard 
location to do it.

Feel free to ask anything else 'bout Debian you want too. (:


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