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Hey! I sent this from my recent road trip, but I don't think it made it
to the list. (I even checked the web archives...)

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From: Garrett LeSage <garrett@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [snafuu] sound card set up
Date: 05 Jan 2002 23:06:02 -0500

On Sat, 2002-01-05 at 18:24, phrostie wrote:
> I've been on linux since 95, but for the first time in my life i have a sound 
> card.  
> where is a good place to start?
> i'm running a debian sid.  are there any setup utils?


If you have a PCI sound card, you won't have to use isapnp stuff, nor
will you have to resort to passing arguments to the module to get it to
work (most likely).

"lspci" will show you what device you have if it is indeed a PCI-based

If you compiled your kernel yourself, then make sure you have the
adaquate module for your sound card compiled.

The gist of it is to make sure you have the appropriate module for
support compiled and simply run "modconf" to select it. Modconf will
modprobe it for you, plus set up the necessary stuff in /etc/modules so
that it will automagically work for you on boot. Modconf also works for
non-sound modules as well.


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