[smee] Re: Sending Ent to Charm School

  • From: "Jon Fisher" <fisher_jon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: smee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 23:56:54 +0000


Hey SMEE!   After a long pause, during which time I had a fully eq loaded
laptop, but was unable to get online with it...   ...I will be back for sure
on Sunday!   Yes, Barry has packed his computers up and shipped them off to
Cali, so he won't be here, although he may visit one last time next weekend
and we may both be on on Saturday the 17th for quite a while.  Sunday will
bea travel day for him.   I am very excited about charming.  I know that is
one of my weak areas.  I have specialized in working with my animations for
quite a while.  Many chanters don't bother since they know they need to get
hit first to activate it.  Others use them but waste Cleric mana by
constantly getting pounded... (I have been guilty of this)  Still, in an
average battle in LDoN, I have noted that my pet can do 1000 points of
damage.  The cost of this is usually just my recast of my HP shield, which
ifI manage agro correctly, gets my shield hit and gives me no damage before
the MT regains agro, the pet is engaged and the healers haven't touched me. 
This works pretty well.   Now, I know that Charming can be great for damage. 
I look forward to "Total Domination" which is a charm improving AA.  The
DireCharm is good, but only works on mobs level 45 and below, which we
rarelyencounter, although there are some throw-away mobs for this purpose in
many PoP zones.    I have only done one of the trials and was very occupied
just mezzing the mobs.  DPS was really key, that is true.    Back to
charming... I think that the one great weakness for chanters charming is the
lack of a snare.  Darqrain has been very successful charming animals...  
Now... do you all know that the plane of Mischief is now open?  There is
somegreat loot there and the xp is reportedly quite good.  Therefore, I
suggest we check it out.  Barry has been up there and doing a bit of
soloing,and he told me he got something like 4pct aa for a kill...  
...anyhow, a zone which previously would have been difficult for us to get
to.   I am still interested in CT as well as gettin down to the Hole
sometime, and there is a named guy in the cavern in the SW corner of PoV who
I would like to kill, but we will need a full SMEE and will still be
challenged for him.   If we have only six, LDoN is still quite fun and
alwaysa good option for xp and fun, which we could do at the end.   My
ramblin is over, just wanted to type more than Vic for once!   Heh, Ent/Jon

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