[smee] Re: SMEE song which you may find funny or not

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Wow Vic...

I know this is redundant, but...It's just a game!  No need to explain
losing interest, I fully understand that part.  I am there often enough
myself, it comes and goes.  After taking a much needed break, for
exactly the same thing you just shared, I realized it's not the game I
enjoy so much, and I return for one reason...it's to hang out with
friends.  The game is very secondary to the friendships.  Bummer that it
felt like "trading war stories" but that is how life is...you share life
with each other and what is going on at that moment in time...that is
what friendships are...caring, sharing, talking, and just hanging out.
Don't feel a burder in doing that, that isn't fair to yourself or your
friends.  Enjoy the moment you live in, life is short and there is
always much to do.  If you no longer enjoy it, then I support you
cancelling your account...if that is what you choose to do.   Thing is,
EQ, Warcraft, whatever the game may be, they are still just GAMES, and
playing a game is just that...playing a game.  If "kick the can" got
tiresome, we'd go home and quit playing.  I don't think there should be
guilt or confusion in making a simple choice...if you don't like it, but
more importantly, don't enjoy it anymore...quit--you have nothing to
explain to anybody, it simply got boring for you (even though that is
sad for us).  We are all friends, EQ or not, that part won't change.  We
will miss you both, we already do.  But we always know where you are,
and wherever your journeys take you, all we want is for you to enjoy
living in the moment.  'Nuff said.

Big Hugs to Both of You,

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Nice one, Nick (and Jon and family, of course).
On a less jocular note, I have been waiting now for several weeks to 
want to start up EQ again, and, well... it hasn't happened.  I keep 
looking at the icon and thinking things like "I would rather clean the 
house than start up EQ".  The recent announcement of a new expansion has

worsened the situation, rather than helped.

Somehow, in the last months (it has been building for longer) I've 
become even more and more disenchanted with a game that (ask Jon!) I've 
never been really all that fond of.  Even if I am going to spend time 
with computer games, there are so many better games than EQ right now 
that I just can't be motivated to boot it up.

I think that the front page of the Afterlife guild's web page sums it up

well.  Afterlife was one of the "superguilds", the folks who charged up 
to beat Quarm early, the ones who were so devoted to EQ that they would 
play constantly at a very high level.  They must have loved the game.  
Their web page now says (www.afterlifeguild.org):

   EQ died months ago, but we're tenacious.  Like kids with a can, we've

   played "kick the dead horse" night after night.  Then we realized 
   that we'd have more fun eating the EQ CD's than playing what they 

   Afterlife will no longer be playing EQ.  We'd rather watch TV than 
   play EQ.  Even if the TV is off.  We'd rather go fishing than play 
   EQ.  Even without beer. 

This was posted by Thott, leader of Afterlife, "Best of the Best" 
serverwide bard champion, and someone who has written a number of very 
interesting articles on EQ (some controversial, and I don't agree with 
all of his conclusions, but at least they are well thought out and 
supported rather than just asserted).

Afterlife is moving en masse to World of Warcraft, which is interesting 
although immaterial, since it's not released yet (presumably they all 
have beta accounts).  I'm not sure another MMORPG is the best choice, 
although there are some interesting ones out there nowadays.  I miss the

interaction with the SMEE folk, but for me it's started feeling like 
trading war stories while breaking large rocks into small rocks: the 
company's great, but the work just ain't interestin'.  Maybe it was the 
way I put Flue on autofollow during our SMEE hate raid to go make a 
sausage and egg breakfast and eating most of it before touching the 
keyboard again, but I'm still very disengaged from the game.

I'm still not cancelling accounts yet, but I'm starting to lean pretty 
heavily that way, I guess.  Dunno.


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