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> What I would like to do is start to get a SMEE list
> zones/mobs/items that we want to go after or upgrade.
> With a running list of things that everyone is
> interested in, it will make it a lot easier to
> determine things to do on sundays.
> Please everyone answer the following:
> 1) What three zones are you most interested in
> exploring or visiting?

East Commonlands, Misty thcket, and Field of bone.
> 2)  What three mobs are you most interested in taking
> down?  (whether for revenge or drop or whatever)

An Orc pawn, A spiderling, and A Hakken
> 3)  What one piece of your gear would you most like to
> upgrade?  (list item and stats and specify replacement
> item if you know what you want)

I would like to wear Flue's trousers on my head.  Then run through a vast
field of flowers yelling out his name.  Of course at the same time I would
be thinking about Jum.  Nothing gets my jucies flowing like a Barbarian.
And to be honest, nothing probably ever will.
> 4)  Are there any specific quests you need help with?

Using an outhouse, eating with a fork, and waiting to drink till after 10am.
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