[smee] Re: Next SMEE: Ents idea...

  • From: Victor Putz <vputz@xxxxxxx>
  • To: smee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:28:32 -0700


> MEET IN TT (Trakanon's Teeth) 
> AT THE OS (Old Sebilis) ENTRANCE! 

It's that last bit that will get everyone, but worth a try.  I'll try to 
pop in a little early and farm the hunter/forager cycle while we wait 

I am interested in having SMEE start trying some of the lower-end raid 
mobs--a chance to try out our raiding /disciplines and go for some rough 
critters.  Two of the ones I'm targeting are Overseer Wrank in Torg mines 
(a LoY zone--he's the one you spawn by turning in keys to resistance 
miners), and The Va'Dynn, in Akheva Ruins, an L63 melee beast with a ton 
and a half of HP.  Both are described as relatively easy raid mobs, but 
both would be a significant challenge to a small group like SMEE.

I'm trying to keep track of those sorts of mobs we can do (there are a few 
others in Ykesha, and with a bit more horsepower we could try Doomshade or 
Rumblecrush in Luclin, or the Servitor of Luclin in Grieg's End).

And of course I have a constant desire to kill Drusella Sathir, a quest 
which will probably amount to nothing but which I still really want to 


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