[smartvisionau] Re: Fwd: Re: Re: Looks to be an SmartVision2

  • From: Vivien Palcic <vivienpalcic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: smartvisionau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 20:26:32 +0800

Hi Clive, and thanks for letting us know. This time I plugged the phone into the powerboard which was plugged into the wall, and finally the update succeeded. I was still expecting yet another error, as it said "network failure" at some point during the download process, but this time I was indeed asked if I wanted to install the update and warned not to use the phone during the process, even for emergency calls etc. To my relief, when I came back to check later, it greeted me with the message congratulating me and telling me the update was successfully installed.

Best regards


On 6/28/2020 6:57 PM, Clive Pallett wrote:

Hello Vivien,

Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with the update.  I had my phone connected to a wall socket so as not to use up battery power and connected to our wi-fi network.  Now I have read the release notes, there are some features we should have had from the beginning.  I hope you eventually get the update on your phone.

Best wishes,

Clive Pallett

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