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Call for Papers: Informal Housing in Built Environments

Association of American Geographers, Annual Meeting, Washington DC,
April 14th-18th 2010

Session Organizers:  Solange Munoz (University of Texas); Jan Dohnke
(Freie Universität Berlin)

Paper Session Description:

Throughout the world the poorer inhabitants of cities struggle to satisfy their basic needs in an increasingly adverse urban environment. The problem
of sheltering the urban poor is mostly met by the auto-construction of
habitats in slums, favelas, chawls, or villas miserias.

However there is also a significant part that turns to renting in informal housing options or squatting formerly vacant houses, factories or abandoned
buildings in parts of the city that are in decline. With the return of
investment to some of these areas, many of these people are threatened by
expulsion and displacement while others remain unaffected or even profit
from these developments.

This interdisciplinary paper session offers a forum for discourse on
informal urban housing alternatives and networks including comparative
investigations of survival strategies and organizational forms employed
within these housing configurations. Other key issues of interest are how such housing alternatives coexist within the larger metropolitan areas, as well as the problems and consequences of the long-term integration of this form of urban development into the existing urban fabric. Papers should also address the theory used in defining this form of housing as informal and the
corresponding implications for their research.

Sponsored by the AAG Ethnic Geography, Socialist and Critical Geography, and
Urban Geography Speciality Groups.

To submit an abstract (250 words), please write to Solange Munoz
(solangemun@xxxxxxxxx) or Jan Dohnke (jan.dohnke@xxxxxxxxxxxx) till
Ocotber 28th.

Jan Dohnke
Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Geographische Wissenschaften
D - 12249 Berlin
fon       +49(0)30 - 838 70 216
fax       +49(0)30 - 838 70 749
e-mail    jan.dohnke@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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