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Hello fellow LITA members!

The Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums group would like us to take
a trip with them to the Dells on October 8.  Details attached!

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Hey David,

I was wondering if you might want to come to this and pass it on to LITA's 
student group for us. We are planning an outing to the Wisconsin Dells on Oct. 
8th and we wanted to pass on the info to the other SLIS groups.

--Jessica Miesner

Hello student groups!

To celebrate our upcoming official student grouphood, TLAM is planning a visit 
to the Wisconsin Dells on Saturday, October 8th. We will tour the H.H. Bennett 
Studio and Museum and then go on a boat tour of the Upper Dells. This is a 
great opportunity to learn more about some of the history and issues that 
surround the digitization of photographs of Native Americans. It will also be a 
good time to get to know who some of our TLAMers are and what issues they are 
most interested in. We can also find out more about Wisconsin's local history!

In the early 20th century H.H. Bennett prolifically photographed the beautiful 
Wisconsin Dells and surrounding lands during a time of extreme cultural and 
technological change, especially for the people of the Ho-Chunk Nation that 
lived in the area. Bennett's scenic photographs of the Dells and local Native 
Americans, which he sold as postcards, helped to spur the tourism industry here 
in Wisconsin. (Another photographer that built a similar business by composing 
and selling photos as postcards was A.J. Kingsbury, whose collection is being 
digitized by the Langlade County Historical Society with help from TLAM 
students!) The historic H.H. Bennett Studio still stands in the same location 
in what is now the Wisconsin Dells, and is thought to be the oldest operating 
studio of it's kind in the country. We are excited to be able to learn more 
about the local history and visit some of the locations that originally made 
the Wisconsin Dells so famous!

H.H. Bennett Tour (with student discount):  $5.50
Boat tour of the Upper Dells:  $19.70
Combined Tour Price:  $25.20

If you plan on going on both tours with us (H.H. Bennet Studio and the Upper 
Dells boat tour) You can pay $25 for both tours using either Cash or Credit at 
the Dells boat tour office when we arrive at 12:15pm.

We will be carpooling to and from the Wisconsin Dells. So far we have 4 people 
that can each bring a car, so that's at least 12 people covered. It is also 
fine to drive on your own and meet us at the Dells. Let us know if you can 
carpool with your car too!!

8:45am -- Meet in the circle by H.C. White library to carpool to the Wisconsin 
10:00am -- Tour of the H.H. Bennett Studio and Museum. The tour will be approx. 
45 minutes
11:00am - 12:00pm -- Lunch in the Dells
12:30pm -- We need to be at the office at 12:15pm for the Boat tour of the 
Upper Dells. The tour leaves promptly at 12:30pm and will last approx. 2 1/2 
hours, weather permitting
3:00pm -- Begin carpooling back to Madison

Please reply to either Kelly Kraemer kelly.k.kraemer@xxxxxxxxx or Jessica 
Miesner miesner@xxxxxxxx of TLAM by Monday, October 3 if you are planning to 
attend and whether or not you wish to carpool so that we can get an accurate 
head count.

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