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AGM - The Hive 7pm January 12th 2012



Good afternoon everyone


It is only a matter of weeks before the AGM. As there is always a lot to
get through, it has been discussed and decided that to avoid any
unnecessary delays and to make optimum use of the time available; we
will not be using the meeting time to read out the previous AGM minutes.


Therefore may I please ask that you all read the attached previous AGM
minutes from 2011 and let me know if there are any errors or omissions?
This will enable me to amend them if necessary before the meeting.
During the opening of the AGM I will ask if everyone is happy with the
minutes and once everyone is agreed that they are a true and accurate
record we would be able to just sign them off as usual. We will then
have "Matters Arising from the Last Minutes" as the next agenda item.


Also, may I please now request whether any of you have any proposals
that you would like to have discussed at the next AGM. If you could let
me know before 15th December 2011 so I may include them in the agenda
that would be most helpful and save time on the day. 


I know I do not need to remind any of you that this is your AGM and your
opportunity to speak up - I look forward to hearing from all of you and
a very lively meeting. 



Kindest regards


Melody Espin

Sleaford District Secretary (Acting). 









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