[slackintosh-users] slackintosh 12 on Mac Mini

  • From: Alfonso Martone <a.martone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 14:42:09 +0200

Hi all!

I successfully installed Slackintosh 12 on my Mac Mini G4 1.42Ghz 1Gb 80Gb wifi+bt superdrive.

I had some hard times because I used a DVD+RW disc, which gave out (only at install time) a bunch of "sensekey/read/seek/medium" errors.

In order to go on, I had to issue often a "eject -T /dev/hdb" in another text console and reinserting the disc in :-) Once I got onscreen "install packages" section, the installation went flawless.

- Disk Utility: "4 partitions" scheme (maybe it's not the best one, but my MacOSX had hard times when I tried to save up to the last sector using mac-fdisk instead of DiskUtility)
- partitions are: yaboot 800k newworld; swap; linux root; mac os x
- yaboot defaults to Linux boot in a few seconds (gooood!)

Currently working hardware:
- graphics (simply a xorg.conf)
- audio (KDE did it; text mode requires some alsaconfig)
- ethernet
- wifi (requires AppleAirPort2 firmware file from kext dir in OSX partition) - Apple USB keyboard (in xorg.conf to be defined as "apple" instead of "pc104")
- "halt" command correctly shutdowns the Mac Mini
- mute/volume keys can be configured in KDE Control Center to do the right thing (they normally don't work correctly)
- Apple USB mouse (both textmode and Xorg)
- Apple bluetooth mouse (some bt configuration required), both textmode and Xorg

I'm now fighting with Apple bluetooth keyboard.

Current status (in Italian) described here (will translate in English when everything will work):


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