[slackintosh-users] qemu gcc and firefox

  • From: Everett Fuller <globaltree@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 00:32:10 -0800

Sorry I waited till disaster to post. It would have been more courteous to introduce myself, and congratulate the slackintosh developers and the mac-on-linux developers for a job well done with porting slackware 12, etc., as I started dabbling with it about three weeks ago, and have really been impressed... I might be too much of a linux noob to be using slackintosh, but the fact that I could get mac-on-linux going impressed me (really there wasn't much to do but enable it in the menu on the cd). Thanks for this intriguing distro.

But as it is, I waited to post until something went wrong that has got me stumped. Actually there is a whole list... but most are minor things like getting gnash instead of flash, and getting the soundsticks going, which I'll probably piece together eventually... but today, a more urgent development arose: firefox stopped working. This happened immediately after compiling qemu with the gcc-3 compiler. So I used removepkg to remove firefox, and I then used installpkg to put it back (from the .tgz binaries in the 12.0 slackintosh patches), but I still got the same problem of firefox immediately closing itself. Just to see if any browser would work, I used lynx to download opera and install it, and both lynx and opera work. (So I know port 80 is open, etc.) So I think something in the installation of qemu has interfered with firefox, but am unsure as to how to proceed.

I am running slackintosh 12 on a g4 mac mini (codename q88) with a meager 256MB ram.

I am using most recent source of qemu (0.9.0), and it had problems with gcc4 compler, and recommended using a gcc3 compiler, so I downloaded and built gcc-3.3.6 and then proceeded; then it had probems with linux targets, but when I used ".configure --disable-linux-user --enable-alsa", it produced a makefile; and make and sudo make install were successful. Now, "which qemu" yields /usr/local/bin/qemu. I got excited and rushed back to firefox to begin searching for documentation on how to get winxp going with qemu on a powerpc, and behold, firefox would no longer launch any browser windows. If I type firefox at a terminal, it just gives me a new prompt. At least I can use Opera to try and learn about qemu, but I was wondering which logs to check to try and diagnose what happened to firefox, espcially since reinstalling the firefox package didn't fix it.
One thing I noticed was that the gcc3 compiler changed the symlink for gcc to itself in /usr/bin... I changed it back to gcc4 when I was done using it. It doesn't seem like there is a forum for slackintosh... I thought about posting this in LQ's slackware forum, but thought I would try here first.

I am a quick study, and am happy to help the slackintosh project, or help other projects make slackinbuilds, if I ever get that far.

Please help.

--Everett Fuller (globaltree in LQ)

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