[slackintosh-users] Re: Slackintosh QEMU PPC

  • From: Adrian Ulrich <adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 07:49:05 +0200

> Furthermore I have tried to install Slackintosh in a QEMU PPC
> virtual machine but the last time I tried I didn't succeed.

I've also done some experiments with qemu some months ago.
Last time i was looking at it, it only supported Kernel 2.4
and was very unstable.

Marco: You did some cross-compiling experiments ?!

> Also the Playstation 3 was released a few months ago. It would
> be nice to be able to install Slackintosh on it. That would probably
> necessitate a separate kernel. Unfortunately I don't have one at
> hand since it's still too expensive so I can't help out with this.

Installing Slackintosh shouldn't be a big problem with the correct kernel.

About a year ago, i had Slackintosh running on the Gamecube but this
target is currently dead (well.. you could boot it on the Wii but it
isn't fun without NFS-Root)

> P.S. It would be nice if I were able to contact the developers directly
> so if you are willing to add me to the developers' mailing list that
> would be immensely helpful.

<slackdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> isn't such an interesting Mailing-List ;-)


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