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  • From: Marco Bonetti <marco.bonetti@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 12:29:54 +0100

Yay! You're faster than me :) I was going to write something about it
right now, so:
tetex and sgml-tools packages are broken, I'm working on them, but
it's not easy as they're complex and I haven't much time, here's a
brief status report:

+ sgml-tools
This package is a nightmare, it's built from srpms from a real old red
hat (note that sgml-tools now is out of date, many distros replaced it
with linux-docs), probably volkerding built it once, had it working,
lock it down in a tgz and completely forgot about it ;)
I spent this week working on it, I finally made something that looks
usable [1], grab it and please test it. I've updated openjade from 1.3
to 1.3.2 so I've also had to built OpenSP (earlier version of openjade
include it), the only real difference is that 1.3.2 correctly build on
slackintosh and that instead of /usr/include/sp we had
/usr/include/OpenSP, I've also managed to build all the remaining
packages from sgml-tools sources, except for jadetex, which guides us
to the next package: tetex

+ tetex
This package is sane but I'm a real poor tex user, so I don't know how
to build tex modules / extensions, with slackintosh 10.1 was really
simpler as they were already packaged and all needed was run the
compile script and manually package it (fortunately it's a trivial
task), right now I'm going to try out building it with modules from
10.1, however I'm open to all suggestions from more skilled tetex

Stay tuned!

[1] sgml-tools "halloween edition":

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