[slackintosh-users] Re: PPP filtering kernel Slackintosh on iBook dual usb

  • From: "Marco Bonetti" <marco.bonetti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 08:42:37 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, December 17, 2008 07:13, Denis Shapovalov wrote:
> Hi!

> anybody here? :)
yup :)

> so do I need to recompile kernel, I had done it only on FreeBSD, not
> Linux, not Slackintosh, so, please guide me
quite easy:
1) install, if not already done, the kernel-source package
2) cd to /usr/src/linux
3) copy /proc/config.gz or the uncompressed one found into /boot as
4) run make oldconfig
5) run make menuconfig and go through the menues until you find out the
needed module, it should be under the PPP menu in the main networking page
6) if possible, build it as a module (marked as "M", not as "*")
7) exit and save configuration
8) run make
9) run make modules_install

If can build the ppp filtering and all dependencies as modules you only
need to run depmod -ae / to make the system recognize the new additions
(or simply reboot), then just modprobe what you need and rerun your
scripts. This is because the modules_install target will overwrite the
already installed modules but, as long as you stick close to the default
configuration, you will not introduce any new builtin functionality so,
there will be no need to install a new kernel.
If it is not possible and you have to add some builtin functionality (you
have to add something as "*" only), my advice is that you should edit the
toplevel Makefile and add a custom string to the kernel version before
building it, this way the newly built modules, referenced by a different
kernel, will be installed in a separate directory. Then copy the new
vmlinux into /boot (do not overwrite the previous one, you will need it if
anything goes wrong :) ) and add a new voice to /etc/yaboot.conf, just
copy and paste the already existing one and change the kernel name
accordingly. After this, just run ybin -v to register the newly installed

Just a side note: consider to switch to slackintosh 12.1 as the older 11
will not be supported anymore.
(and 12.1 will be back on track as soon as I can fix my broken powerbook
;_; )


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