[slackintosh-users] Install / boot problem on Powerbook G4

  • From: Yves Vindevogel <yves.vindevogel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: slackintosh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 14:36:27 +0100

Hi all,

I have a problem installing Slackintosh 10.2 on a Powerbook G4.
Basically, the install goes well until I reboot and nothing is found to boot.

This is what I did:

Initialised the disk with mac-fdisk, command i (to reinit), b (for bootstrap) and 2x c for creating a swap partition and a root partition (named them swap and root)
Seems that does it for creating the swap, but I'm not sure for the root (do I need to give it another name?)

I then installed (expert mode, installing packages from a and mac) the very basics. Installation completes, but then nothing comes up when I reboot.
I think it's the boot partition. When formatting that partition, I'm not to sure about the size. I tried ext2 / ext3 / reiser / xfs and in xfs it seems that he thinks that there are 39 G blocks of 1K, which is not correct. The size of the disk is 20G. In mac-fdisk, the blocks are also 39M in total, but of 512B, making 20G. I think the error could be here.

What else did I do ... I booted the Kubuntu Live CD for PPC and that works. My disks is there (/dev/hda4) and I can mount it. This seems to work although I get numerous crashed in KDE. This is Kubuntu I guess. I never found it as stable as Slack.
Also, I downloaded Fedora Core 4. That installs but only in text mode and only after I delete all the partition on my disk. I left my initial partioning, resulting in Anaconda errors. Then I did the reinit in mac-fdisk and then anaconda installs. This might be something related to the error I get in Slackintosh ?

Anyway, since Fedora does not have a working X.org out of the box, I rebooted the Slackintosh installer. Seems Fedora made a bootstrap (Apple_Bootstrap), like I did, a small boot partition in Apple_UNIX_SRV2 on hda3 (ext2/3?) and a large partition in Linux_LVM mode. Don't know why anaconda did the last. I can't make Slackintosh use the LVM volume by default, so I'm not touching it. When running setup, I see the same error I mentionned before. hda3 is 204800 in length, but that are blocks of 512B, so, making only 100Mb instead of the 204800K (or about 200M). Is this where the installer goes wrong ?

Anyway, any clue on how to install Slacintosh would be appreciated.

Yves Vindevogel

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