[SKYWARN RI] RI SKYWARN Website redone!

  • From: TVSMESO@xxxxxxx
  • To: skywarnri@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 19:44:50 EST

Hello all...

...I have redone the RI SKYWARN Homepage due to it being to slow to load.  
Also I wanted to make it easy for people to get information.  Currently on 
the page is the updated list of SKYWARN training sessions for 2003 that 
scrolls on the right side of the main webpage, some of you might need to hit 
the maximize button to view.  Also NWS statements is a click away on the main 
page, local radar and national radar.

I will be adding more to it soon, so hope you all enjoy, and pass around to 
friends that might be interested in the SKYWARN program.

Site URL:  http://www.riskywarn.us



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