[sjbiofuels] Re: FHHS Bio-Diesel partnership?

  • From: Credence Ross <credence_ross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 21:05:34 -0800

Hi John,

No, we have never heard back from Nick, and this case I assume no news is bad news. He didn't sound very hopeful about the administration's willingness. And, truth be told, the site was far from ideal. Our priorities include an indoor space large enough to store and process oil at room temperature, vehicle access, and a secure (lockable) area to store methanol. The FHHS site lacks all these things, and would require improvements to be made suitable (i.e. building sheds or other structures. I'm pretty sure that building structures on school property would bring in permit/liability/administrative red tape issues. Over all, I believe we will be better off pursuing another, more suitable site. I do, however, look forward to networking with Nick and the high school students involved in his program and hope our organization will be an asset to them once we are up and running.

Best regards,


John Phillips wrote:
I was involved with the meeting with Nick Frazee (sp) from FHHS who was going to approach the admin at the school about the possibility of piggy backing our initiative with what they already have underway there. Did we hear anything back on that possibility. John Phillips

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 7:29 AM, Credence Ross <credence_ross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:credence_ross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    You are still on the email list; there has been no traffic.
    Basically, we are back to square one with looking for a suitable
    site. I am talking to different community members, hoping for a
    lead. Grisha is out of town for a number of weeks, and since there
    are no members aside from Rosa and Grisha and I who have put any
    time energy into participating in SJ Biofuels, there has been no
    need to send out any emails. Rest assured, if our situation
    changes or we have any updates or meetings, and email notice will
    be sent out promptly.

    If anybody on the list has any suggestions for a site, I'd love to
    hear them. Our ideal site is a (somewhat) central location, has
    power and water, an indoor space large enough to store and handle
    large quantities of veggie oil, and doesn't need major structural
    improvements (we have a limited budget for site prep).

    Until then,


    susan cornett wrote:

        We sure haven't heard much about SJ Biofuels lately - did we
        fall off of the e-mail list? As far as I know, we are still
        charter members.
        Sue Cornett

        */Grisha Krivchenia <grishakriv@xxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:grishakriv@xxxxxxxxx>>/* wrote:

           Hey... I'm just writing to confirm that SJ Biofuels, and
        the FHHS
           Biodiesel project are meeting at 3:30 tomorrow (Friday) at
        the High
           School. See you guys there?

           John... after the meeting, we could head to Peg and Ted's
        for the
           weekend get-together.

           Nick or Ryan, please let us know where on the FHHS campus
        we can
           find you.

           With Kindness,

           On 11/6/08, Grisha Krivchenia wrote:
           > Hello all,
           > How about Friday, Nov 14 at 3:30? I had forgotten about the
           > faculty meeting at Spring Street School.
           > Best wishes,
           > Grisha
           > On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 11:36 AM, Ryan Aylward wrote:
           > > Hi Grisha,
           > >
           > > This is Ryan Aylward from F.H.H.S.. I am a student who is
           > > working on our Bio-Diesel project along with a couple other
           students. Mr.
           > > Frazee recently showed me your email to Larry Wight.
        The idea
           of us joining
           > > forces sounds like it would work for both of us. The more
           people working on
           > > this together, the easier the whole process is for all
        of us.
           The only
           > > problem with this proposal is the implications involved
           having your
           > > entire operation being held on our school property. We
           have to go
           > > review it with Fred Woods, the principal at F.H.H.S.,
        and who
           ever else we
           > > would have to contact. We currently have a processor of our
           own, so I don't
           > > know if you want to operate these totoally seperately or to
           some how join
           > > both of our operations together. The prospect of joining
           together and
           > > potentially increasing the scale of production is very
           appealing, but we
           > > will definately have to talk about how we plan on
        coming together.
           > >
           > >
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