[sjbiofuels] 11/8 Meeting minutes

  • From: Credence Ross <credence_ross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 11:27:52 -0600

Hi All,

We had a very well attended and productive meeting this last Thursday, 11/8. Here are the agenda items and my notes from the meeting. I hope I am not too verbose; I just really want to bring everybody up to speed, especially those who have been unable to attend meetings.

1) Business Plan

We have a draft of the business plan. Grisha spoke with Bill Watson with the Economic Development Council, who suggested some revisions. Because Grisha and Rosa have left on a trip, I will be revising the business plan and will send out a copy of the finished draft. Many thanks to Grisha for his work on this as well as our by-laws.

2) Grant Status

There is a grant available to us, and there are two stipulations. The grant money must be given to a non-profit organization so it will be tax-deductible for the donor, and the money must given this calender year (2007). The grant money will cover approx. 40% of our start-up expenses outlined in our business plan. We will make up the difference by pursuing financing for the equipment and/or by cutting costs. Many thanks to the people who have facilitated this grant.

3) Non-Profit Status

In a nutshell, federal non-profit status (501c3) is difficult and time-consuming to achieve. Washington State non-profit status is much simpler to get, but does not allow us to receive tax-deductible donations. We can bypass this limitation by finding a 'fiscal agent', basically an umbrella organization with a 501c3 which can receive the money on our behalf. It sounds like Friends of the San Juans will not provide this service for us, but we are contacting Navigating Our Future to see if they are interested. We will still apply for WA non-profit status. Many thanks to Jacob for his work in this department.

4) Site Work

The site still looks promising. Once the building is in place (soon) we can pursue a conditional use permit. We will have to have a sit-down meeting with the Fire Marshall and the building department to see what is required. Depending on the requirements, site improvements are projected to cost up to $5000-$6000. This is part of our budgeted start-up cost and assumes that all labor will be volunteered. Many thanks to Floyd for making this all possible.

5) Equipment Update

Our first choice for a processor is the BioPro 380 (http://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com/biopro380.php). It is fully automated, has a 100gal capacity, and puts our a very high-quality fuel. We will pursue financing options and possible plan a field trip to Everett, where the nearest distributor is. Many thanks to Gary for his research and work in this department.

6) Use Permit Status

See 4) Site Work, above.

7) Membership

Membership dues will be collected soon ($50/vehicle). We will be working on a membership agreement and the related forms. More on this soon. Interested people will be encouraged to get in on the 'ground floor' since membership may be limited later on, depending on fuel availability.

8) Oil, City Commitment

Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, Rosario Resort, West Sound Cafe, and others are all willing to give us their oil. We have no written agreements or recycling contracts in place yet, but so far everyone is very supportive of us. Many thanks to Rosa & Grisha for pursuing these contacts.

9) Forms

See 7) Membership, above.

10) Whole Energy

Whole Energy, a biodiesel supplier based in Bellingham, has offered support in various forms including testing our finished fuel for us, taking the glycerin off of our hands, etc. They currently collect used motor oil and anti-freeze from the island. Grisha has been in contact with Kevin, who will be on island in a week or two, if we have any interest in meeting with him.

Here is a copy of the task list:

Jacob- Talk to Navigating Our Future
Jacob- Fill out paperwork for non-profit status
Grisha- Email bylaws to list
Grisha- Call King Fitch
Gary- Call Westsound Cafe
Susan- Draft membership agreement
Floyd- Call Kevin Cooper @ Whole Energy
Credence- Revise business plan

See you all soon!


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