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  • Date: 9 Jan 2010 22:25:51 +0100

> Erich Dittmer wrote :

>> Now is on my wishlist only direct pdf-display via AREXX. So I must save the
>> pdf to RAM: and show with APDF.
> Do you have such a file as ENV:deficons.prefs ?
> If you check it with a hex editor, can you see if the pdf
> class is supported ?
> If yes, then all you need is to create a "def_PDF.info"
> project icon in ENV:sys/ and set "APDF" as tooltype.

Have you tried the above ?  (Can't test this here as I don't have
a PDF reader installed, and my deficons.prefs is not supporting the
PDF filetype.)

Did it work ?

(If not, I may try to help with ARexx, time permitting.)


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