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  • From: "AmigaPhil" <AmigaPhil@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: 23 Sep 2009 18:40:0 +0100

I talked with Simon N Goodwin about SpamFryer for SimpleMail.
He is bored and don't want to hear about SpamFryer at the moment,
but he accepted that I distribute addons separately.

I have completed SpamFryer.smrx, which the equivalent of
SpamFryer.yam for YAM.
It has some limitations with the current SimpleMail 0.53 :

- SimpleMail does not allow to mark a mail as 'spam' from its
  ARexx interface (a new MAILSETSTATUS command will solve this).
  As a workaround, SpamFryer.smrx is modifying the mail status
  by changing the mail's filename (DOS level).  But because of
  that, the index of the folder is no more accurate.  There is
  no way yet to rescan/refresh that index from ARexx, so you'll
  have to do it "by hands" after the spam checking process:
  Select Menu>Folder>Rescan

- Spam detected mails are NOT moved to another folder, they are
  just marked as 'spam' in the source folder (AFTER you do a
  Rescan for that folder).
  You can move the mails marked as spam by clicking on the
  'Isolate' button.
  A new ARexx MAILMOVE command in a later version of SimpleMail
  will solve this.

- If used as ARexx script in the configuration > Message receipt
  SimpleMail does not accept any arguments to be passed to the

If anyone is interested to see/beta-test it as it is now, I'll
send a copy of it.

I will not submit SpamFryer.smrx for inclusion in SimpleMail,
I prefer to upload the package to Aminet (so that I can improve
or bug fix it more easily).


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