[SimpleMail-usr] Re: Christmas release ?

  • From: "AmigaPhil" <AmigaPhil@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Sebastian Bauer" <simplemail-usr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 7 Oct 2009 20:9:21 +0100

Sebastian Bauer wrote :

>> Regarding the SpamFryer.smrx (spam filter) script I was working on,
>> I discovered recently that it won't be of any use with the actual
>> SimpleMail 0.33.  The trick to mark-as-spam a mail by renaming its
>> filename with a ".8" extension is making SimpleMail to crash sometimes
>> on OS3, and cause a Grim Reaper to appear on OS4.
> Interesting. Do you mean it crashes when you rescan the folder or when
> does it crash?

It crash while the script is scanning mails.

With 2 mails waiting on the POP server, I download them (but not delete
on server) and start SpamFryer.smrx from the ARexx menu.

On OS3.5, the script complete its checking fine the first time,
eventually a second time, but in the end it crash (software failure
followed by a Guru Meditation and a re-boot).

I don't have OS4, but Tiredoflife (from AmigaWorld.net) offered to
beta-test the script.  He sent me the attached crashlog.

Since I commented out the RENAME instruction in the script, it run
without anymore problem (but the script does nothing with the mail
detected as spam).



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