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  • Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 11:41:20 +0200

Welcome All!!!

This is the first post of simbiosi.org!!!

Are You an=
 Hacker? You are not a tecnician or a developper but You are devoted
to =
Open Source philosofy?
Are You agree with us that all the "knowledge" an=
d the software must be free
(free as in Freedom, www.gnu.org)?

Well Y=
ou are welcome.

Simbiosi is a project to help every hacker on the hear=
t to make business on Open
So You can Join to us and help all t=
he members of Simbiosi.org in our job.

We need hacker, lawyers and tra=

On Simbiosi.org You'll be able to see member's profiles and the=
ir skill level,
so If your customer need a team of tecnician or developp=
ers for an important
project You can choose and invite all the members Y=
ou need, You can gain support
from community to make the right offer to =
them and finally If something go
wrong, You can gain help from Simbiosi.=
org lawyers.

In the same way You can rank other member to increase his=
You can rank internal or external project, any month we can=
 choose how many
money from donation we can distribuite between all the =
Simbiosi Project ( or for
external Project )

Customers wants to be su=
pported and we want to support them in a "Free as
Freedom" way.

osi.org is a community and therefore we need people!!!

Now we need hel=
p to do:

1. Social Contract
2. Rank system
3. Choose internal projec=

Antenore Gatta

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