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I need to know the playback device options that you chose in the MIDI export
dialog as well.

A lot of people play the left hand in and then go back and do the right
hand. This is the only way to ensure that the right notes are on the right
staff. So, it not only makes sense to me, but it doesn't surprise me in the
slightest. In fact, I question the wisdom of playing both hands in at the
same time regardless of whether you're using a DAW or a notation package.

Sibelius should export this properly, with each staff of the grand staff on
a different track, although they may share the same channel. This doesn't
matter though because you can easily change the channel and port in Sonar.

It sounds like an option has been set somewhere which is combining the grand
staff staves into one track. I'll need to hunt around for it though.

Dan Rugman
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Also, I play piano as well, but I do it in a different way than your
thinking of.
I record the left hand part on one staff, then the right hand part on the
other. I play each part one at a time, with both hands by the way. I know it
sounds a bit strange, but that's just how I play. In other words, I don't
play both parts at the same time. Instead, I play the accompaniment (Left
hand part) with two hands, then I go back and play the melody (Right hand
part) With both hands. I'm trying to put the staff with the accompaniment
onto one track, then the staff with the melody onto another track. Same for
the electric piano part. Does that make sense to you?

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