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This is from a recent discussion. The initial question was about splitting
up a chord onto different staves.

Select the passage containing the chords you want to split and then use any
of the following keystrokes.

Ctrl+Alt+1 for top notes.
Ctrl+Alt+2 for second from top notes.
Ctrl+Alt+3 for third from top notes.
Ctrl+Alt+B for bottom notes. 

These filter the selection so that it only contains the wanted items. You
can then copy them to the clipboard and paste them to the staff you want.

So, a quick way to give all the top notes between bar 20 and bar 40 to the
violin would be:

Go to the first note of bar 20 on the right hand piano staff.
Press Ctrl+F9 to mark that note.
Go to the last note of bar 40 on the same staff.
Press Shift+F9 to select between the marker and the selected note.
Press Ctrl+Alt+1 to select the highest note in every chord.
Press Ctrl+C to copy them to the clipboard.
Navigate to the start of bar 20 on the violin staff.
Press Ctrl+V to paste the notes there.

One thing to note is that the filtering keystrokes above will also select
notes which are not a part of a chord. If you look in the Edit > Filter
menu, you'll see that these keystrokes are called top notes or single notes,
second notes or single notes, etc. If you only want to select the top notes
of chords, and ignore single notes, use the menus to choose Edit > Filter >
Top notes.

Once you've filtered the selection, press F5 and listen to the message. JAWS
should tell you how many items are in the selection. If it sounds right,
Copy the selection to the clipboard and then paste to the desired staff.

Hope this helps, 

Dan Rugman
Visit www.musicaccess.co.uk
for visually-impaired musicians and home of Sibelius Access

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I tried selecting a staff with chords, from start to end, then I tried the
filter, but it didn't change a thing. What did I do wrong? Was there perhaps
something I forgot to do in the process? 

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