[sib-access] Problem, copying lyrics

  • From: "Benjamin Blatter" <benjaminblatter@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <sib-access@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:00:39 +0200

Hi all

I should copy some lyrics in a choir piece around in the score. From what I
read in the sibelius reference: You must select first a passage by alt+ctrl
a, select the bars and make a system selection, there is a nice control box
to do it. In my case I want to select from bar 31 to 46. But my mother tells
my always that it's only selecting one bar. After selecting i'm trying to
filter the text. I choose all text styles because i forgot to change the
lyrics font to italics for chorus when I wrote it down. And Lyrics line 1
and 2 don't seem to exist ...
After filtering I go to my destiny and press Ctrl+L and then Ctrl+v.
the result is just one copied word.

Can you please help me and tell me what is wrong in my doing. I really don't
know why it doesn't work for me.

And can you also tell me if I could just correct the lyrics font for the
chorus to italics. Well I could delete it and write it anew but it would go
much faster, if I just could select it as system selection, filter the text
and press Ctrl+i. I tried that but doesn't change the look, so far i know.

Thanks and kind regards

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