[sib-access] NumPad Reporting Issues

  • From: "Farfar" <dgcarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <sib-access@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 15:43:39 -0800

I'm thinking along the lines more and more that the problem being reported 
is graphics or color related, due to display settings on specific machines.

The reason I think this is because of the old Sibelius 3 and the SibSpeaking 
interface. For those of you who remember setting up SibSpeaking, there was a 
large amount of time spent in training SibSpeaking to correctly recognize 
all the numpad graphics and their on/off states.

When one of the numpad keys is pressed, a graphic changes color or shape, or 
something, and Sib Access is somehow reading this change and reporting the 
new state. Unless Dan Rugman has come up with a very different approach, 
this dependency on correctly reading the graphics may still be necessary.

In fact, it's not only when pressing one of the keys, but also when 
navigating through the score, that Sib Access is reading note durations and 
other enhancements via graphics on the keypad changing. At least I'm 
presuming this.

One idea I have for you to try (for those with this problem) is to make sure 
you've not only run your registry keys again, but that you've also made sure 
you copied all the JAWS files to the correct folder (your Settings/ENU 
folder for your user settings). I think Dan provided a graphics identifier 
file (Perhaps .JGF) with all the secrets contained there.

Add this to my earlier tips on screen resolution and color settings, and 
that should keep you busy trying out different permutations.

Maybe Dan will chime in to put me straight.

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and transmitted from somewhere in the Western United 
States, using a Dell Latitude E6520 and Windows 7 

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