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You don't want to play in chords, as they will be notated, i.e. 
spelled out.  He's only playing the melody, so all you need to 
provide are chord symbols. That is, just write in the names of the 

These are often abbreviated.  Examples follow:
C would mean a C major triad
Cm or Cmin would mean a C minor triad (note the m is lower-case)
Caug would mean C augmented
Cdim would mean C deminished
C6 would mean C sixth
C7 would mean a C dominant seventh
Cmin7 or Cm7 would mean C minor 7 (note the lower-case m)
CM7 or CMAJ7 would mean C major 7th (note the upper-case m which 
distinguishes it from minor)
Cmin7b5 would mean C minor 7 flat 5 (also called C half-deminished).

Unfortunately, there isn't really a standard way to do this, and 
most musicians know several groups of symbols that mean the same 

Many of the large music publishers like Hal Leonard or Mel Bay 
offer online services to buy and print a single song for a small 
fee, probably 99 cents. Perhaps check their sites for a copy of 
Moon River already written out for the particular saxophone your 
friend's grandson is playing (soprano, alto, tenor etc.) and just 
print it. The added benefit is that this might also include the 
lyrics, which definitely aid in learning a song.


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