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Some playback configurations do set the master volume slider in the mixer
too low. In this case the problem is a Sibelius one, but it may be that the
Kontakt player itself has been set too low. If this is so then there is
nothing to do but get someone with sight to push it up. I'm not touching the
Kontakt player with a 50 foot scripting pole.

My question to Ramy was to see if his playback device was behaving itself.

Dan Rugman
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I'll chime in there, as well. I have used the Kontact "Sibelius Essentials" 
synth as output and I noted long ago that they play quite a bit lower in
volume than any of my other synth choices. So I was also interested in the

I suspect that we need to wander around in the audio properties of the
Kontact synth to find something that relates to gain.

But to your question posed, yes. the Kontact plays at a lower volume than do
the other synths, regardless of what score I play.


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