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Sibelius BlogUpdate available for Sibelius 7.
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      Sibelius Blog 

      Sibelius 7.0.1 update now available 

      Posted: 15 Aug 2011 11:49 AM PDT

      Weâ??ve today made available a minor update to Sibelius 7 that addresses 
some initial issues found in the product since it was released to manufacturing 
just over a month ago, and since its public release just under three weeks ago.

      Sibelius 7.0.1 is available as a free, downloadable update for existing 
Sibelius 7 users. If youâ??re still using the 30-day trial version of Sibelius 
7, you can also download and install the update to benefit from the fixes in 
this update.

      This update addresses stability, performance and includes a good number 
of bug fixes. Itâ??s recommended for all Sibelius 7 users. The complete list of 
fixes is quite extensive (weâ??ve fixed nearly 200 bugs in this update), so if 
you have some time on your hands, you can read it in full here.

      Also included is an update for the Sibelius 7 Sounds sample library. Do 
be careful to only download and run the updater for Sibelius 7 Sounds if you 
already have the full library installed: if youâ??re running the trial version 
of Sibelius 7, for example, you definitely donâ??t need and should not install 
the Sibelius 7 Sounds update.

      If youâ??re reading this on a different computer to that on which 
Sibelius 7 is installed, the simplest way to get the update is to open a score, 
open the File tab, choose the Help page, and click Check For Updates to be 
taken directly to the web site to download the update.

      From today, the 30-day trial version available from the Sibelius web site 
has also been updated to Sibelius 7.0.1, so if youâ??ve been waiting for some 
initial wrinkles to be ironed out before jumping in, nowâ??s a good time to get 
your feet wet.

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      Gutbucket rocks REDCAT at Disney Hall, with a little help from Sibelius 

      Posted: 15 Aug 2011 04:31 AM PDT

      The incomparable Gutbucket (Photo courtesy Natascha Rockwin)

      Gutbucket are a four-piece band from Brooklyn who, in the words of Chris 
Barton of the LA Times, work â??a jagged yet fertile seam between jazz and 
rock.â?? This past May, they played at REDCAT â?? the Roy and Edna Disney 
CalArts Theater in the Disney Concert Hall complex in downtown Los Angeles â?? 
with the Gutbucket Chamber Orchestra, a 12-piece ensemble augmenting their 
usual line-up.

      I spoke to Gutbucketâ??s saxophonist, Ken Thomson, about putting the 
concert together, and how Sibelius played a role in helping Gutbucket rock 

      â??It was 11pm and weâ??d finished day one of rehearsals and gotten back 
to our hotel after dinner,â?? he relates. â??The first rehearsal of the 
Gutbucket Chamber Orchestra went well.. but, almost too well. Though weâ??ve 
been touring for 12 years as a quartet, this â??orchestralâ?? project began as 
a way to realize, live, our heavily-layered 2009 disc, A Modest Proposal. When 
we created charts for the premiere two years ago, we brought in a big cast of 
serious NYC musicians and had people enter and leave the stage as different 
parts were needed for different tunes. We had a virtuoso horn section; multiple 
guitars, keyboards, and basses; extra melodic and non-pitched percussion; and 
sometimes all of it combined.â??

      Now Gutbucket had the opportunity to work with students from CalArts in 
LA to present the project live again. â??We werenâ??t sure how it would go,â?? 
says Ken. He neednâ??t have worried.

      â??Well, they came ready to play,â?? he grins. â??When we got there on 
Day 1 and everyone could handle what we gave them, we realized there was a lot 
more potential in this 12-person group.  That night, we took out four laptops 
with four versions of Sibelius, and got to work. We went through each tune and 
decided what needed to be done. I wanted to make sure the wind players were 
busy; we wanted to ensure that the percussionist had some more challenging 
notes to playâ?¦ and, artistically, we wanted to achieve the grandest version 
of these tunes we could.â??

      Ken, Eric, Adam and Ty resolved to have new music on the stands ready for 
the start of rehearsals the next morning.

      â??There we were, 11pm, crammed into a hotel room, and went through each 
tune and made a game plan,â?? Ken continues. â??We each started adding to 
different arrangements and passing files along. As we each changed 
arrangements, we could make sure that the Dynamic Parts stayed coherent with 
ease. Magnetic Layout helped us not have to go crazy with placing every 
crescendo. I would write some horn parts on Tyâ??s tune, and pass it back to 
him for more guitar layering; I sent my parts out to Eric so he could check the 
bass guitar parts, before he sent his tune over to me to double check the bass 
clarinet writing.

      â??And, by the next morning, it was doneâ?¦ we emailed a ton of new music 
out that night, and got to work for day two of rehearsals.  Adam even managed 
to get an expanded version of a new tune, off our new disc, Flock, out to the 

      The end result was a concert that the LA Times called â??an undoubtedly 
wild ride,â?? which delighted the group.

      â??I can honestly say that this night, and the ensuing concert, 
wouldnâ??t have been possible without Sibelius,â?? concludes Ken. â??The ease 
of use combined with all the features in the box made this expanded vision, 
alongside all the complicated music we write, doable.â??

      You can find out all about Gutbucket at their web site, Facebook page, or 
by following @gutbucketnyc. Buy their new disc, Flock, right here.

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