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This is very useful.
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Save time with six speedy Sibelius selection shortcuts

Posted: 16 Mar 2010 06:05 AM PDT


A keyboard, yesterday (Courtesy Book Glutton on flickr)

Here are half a dozen useful keyboard shortcuts for Sibelius that you should
add to your arsenal if they're not already engrained into your muscle

1. Select More

Being able to select objects in the score efficiently is one of the keys to
working quickly with Sibelius. Edit > Select > Select More, which has the
shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A (Windows) or Shift-Command-A (Mac), allows you to
quickly select all similar text along the width of a system.

For example, you can select all lyrics on a system by selecting one lyric,
then hitting the shortcut for Select More. This can be a useful first step,
to be followed by.

2. Filter dynamics

An alternative to Select More is to use one of Sibelius's powerful filters.
You can select both Expression text and hairpin lines in a single operation
via Shift+Alt+D, the shortcut for Edit > Filter > Dynamics.

3. Align in a Row

Once you have your text objects selected, hit Ctrl+Shift+R (Windows) or
Shift-Command-R (Mac) to align the text in a row, taking the average of the
vertical positions of all of the selected objects. This is the shortcut for
Layout > Align in a Row, and it works not only with text, but also other
objects such as chord symbols, lines (very handy for pedal lines!), and so

4. Select Bars

There are lots of quick ways to select bars in Sibelius: click in a blank
bit of staff to select that bar in that staff, double-click to select to the
end of the system, and triple-click to select the staff throughout the
score; hold Shift and you can extend the selection across a range of staves,
or hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) to add a non-adjacent staff to the

But another shortcut for selection you should try out is Ctrl+Alt+A
(Windows) or Opt-Command-A (Mac), which is the shortcut for Edit > Select >
Select Bars. This shows a useful little dialog in which you can specify the
start and end range of bars to be selected, without needing to scroll to the
end of the score.

5. Select System Passage

If you want to copy and paste a selection that includes system objects like
time and key signatures, rehearsal marks and special barlines (such as
repeat barlines), you need to copy a system passage rather than a regular
passage. System passages are shown by double purple boxes enclosing the
selected bars rather than single light blue boxes.

A quick way of converting an existing passage selection to a system
selection is via the shortcut Shift+Alt+A, the shortcut for Edit > Select >
Select System Passage.

6. Go to start/end of selection

Once you've made a big selection, it can be very useful to move between the
start and the end of the selection: use Shift-Home to bring the start of the
selection into view, and Shift-End to bring the end of the selection into

Do you have any favourite keyboard shortcuts of your own? Leave them in the
comments. And don't forget that you can customise all of Sibelius's default
keyboard shortcuts and add your own using the Menus and Shortcuts page of
the Preferences dialog.

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