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I've spent a lot of time picking the mixer apart and it's not an easy
interface to manipulate.  It all has to be done through clicking and
dragging.  The other problem is that JAWS has to do a lot of detective work
to figure out which controls are available.  The whole thing is made more
complicated by the way in which the windows in the mixer keep shifting
around.  It's a bit like trying to build a house on quick sand.

The strips in the mixer are normally shown in a collapsed state but they can
be expanded to show more controls.  Once expanded, a lot of extra controls
become available but some of these will open windows that we can't interact
with at all, like the dreaded Kontakt player.

One of the reasons why I've been looking at the mixer again is to open the
way for further developments but at the moment all I've done is rework the
current controls.  It may be that extended mixer support comes in a later
release but at present, I have to focus on sorting out the things which are
not working as advertised so that I can get beta 2 out ASAP.

Dan Rugman
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Is there any way we can get the capability to change the synth/instrument
(i.e. MIDI port and channel) being used on a particular stave?

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