[SI-LIST] Re: time domain simulation w/ PDN planes

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If I understood your question correctly, I believe that this simulation can be 
handled in ADS. To do this you need to create an SI/PI model of the physical 
interconnects that includes all the power/ground planes and also signal lines. 
Then you can apply specific time domain stimulus in a Transient simulation. 

Here is a DesignCon 2014 paper that explains how we can do this:



If you have more questions about this technique, you can contact me offline.

Nilesh Kamdar
Applications Engineer, Keysight Technologies

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Subject: [SI-LIST] time domain simulation w/ PDN planes
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 14:07:19 +0000

Hello experts,
I'm trying to evaluate the impact of power plane noise on the HS signals. The 
sim setup would require to apply a noise source on the PDN (somewhere btw power 
plane and ground plane), also a PRBS source at the initial end of the t-line. 
To my knowledge it looks only Cadence Sigrity Speed2000 can run such SI/PI 
combined sim since the feedback I got from Keysight and ANSYS both said that 
neither ADS nor SIWave can handle such sim case where time domain sim needs to 
be run w/ the noise coupled from power/ground plane. Note the coupling needs to 
be from the whole plane rather than injected at one point for the latter we can 
simply use a sparam model of the PDN as the means of noise injection but this 
would not be the equivalent of the plane coupling, right?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Sherman Chen
Signal Integrity
EMC Global Hardware Engineering
Tel: +86 21 60951100-3329

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