[SI-LIST] Re: placement of decoupling caps (again)

  • From: Ray Anderson <Raymond.Anderson@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Brown, Mike (Austin, TX)" <mibrown@xxxxxx>,si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:06:11 -0700

Brown, Mike (Austin, TX) wrote:
> I concur, except for " . . .    .3 meters (10 cm) . . ."  That would, of
> course be 30 cm.  
> Your discussion supports the general case, "Placement matters."  The special
> case is "Placement doesn't matter."  For almost any rule you give, there
> will be at least one special case in which the rule does not apply.  The
> trick is in knowing whether you are operating in the corner where the rule
> is applicable, or if you are far enough from the corner to bend the rule.
> Mike


I responded to my own message about the math error I made. and then 
screwed up my own correction. Grrrrr.... sometimes you can't win. Thanks 
for posting the correct numbers. Obviously (except to me apparently), 
there are 100 cm in a meter so .3 * 100 = 30 cm    :)

There are exceptions to every rule. Trick is knowing when to apply the 
rule or when to apply the exception. Kind of like "expert tools" that 
purport to let anyone solve a complicated problem. In reality they 
should be known as "tools for experts".


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