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Join the revolution now! The next big internet communications technology is
available to you now. This Video Email Technology is very exciting, it
bringsgood quality facilities to business and home at an affordable price
which is easy to use. Also other products including easy to use Video
Conferencing are being launched shortly. 

For information about being a Customer (i.e. to just use the service) or for
information about being a Representative (i.e. to promote and use the
service), click the link below. 

(If you look at both sites, you will soon note that it is far more cost
effective to become a representative). Also on any of the packages you only
are required to give 30 days notice if you want to stop the service. 

If this is of interest for promoting your business / personal use or
becomingan agent yourself to run along side your existing business, please
register now or contact me via the link below. 

Please note; that by clicking the link below, you have automatically
opted-in, and have agreed to view their website. 

Click here to visit their website [1]
Thank you for taking the time to read this special report 

The Web Reporter 
The very best on the net 


Webworld S.L. &#183;Edificio Jupiter, Avendida El Gamonal 12
&#183;Benalmadena Costa, Malaga 29630 Spain
This e-mail message is an advertisement and/or solicitation. 

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